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Kuttanad region and its community were facing severe agrarian distress for the last 5 decades owing to a variety of factors.  Based on the request of the Govt. of Kerala to address the perennial problems faced in Kuttanad, the Union Govt. entrusted the Dr. M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai to conduct a scientific study of the region and suggest suitable measures to mitigate agrarian distress in Kuttanad.  The MSSRF recommended a variety of interventions to be implemented as a Package with a total cost outlay of Rs. 1,840 crore which was accepted by the Govt. of India for funding under ongoing Central Sector Schemes. Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) prepared by the State Govt. for different activities envisaged in the Package are under different stages of implementation.

Latest Happenings

LAST UPDATED ON 22/08/2016

  • Silo storage system in modern rice mill of Oil Palm India Ltd at Vechoor Kottayam was inaugurated by the Hon'ble CM on 1/2/2016 5 Pm at Vechoor funded under 13th FCA for Kuttanad Development
  • The 9th Prosperity Council Meeting chaired by the Hon'ble Chief Minister to review the works under Kuttanad Package held on 7/10/2014, 11.30 am at Thiruvananthapuram
  • The Hon'ble Chief Minister inaugurated the launch of construction works of Thanneermukkom Barrage and renovation of  existing shutters on 16/9/2014 at Alappuzha.

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Achievements at a Glance

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The Kuttanad Package with a cost outlay of Rs. 1,840 crore for the following 15 tasks was then approved by the Govt. of India on 24th July 2008 based on the Study Report of the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai to mitigate ecological decay and economic distress prevailing in the Kuttanad region covering the districts of Alappuzha, Kottayam & Pathanamthitta. Detailed Project Reports have been prepared for the activities recommended by the M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation.  Projects worth Rs. 2509.101 crore have been submitted to Govt. of India under several ongoing Central Schemes.  Sanction orders have been received for Rs. 1270.267 crore including Rs. 300 crore awarded by the 13th Finance Commission.  Out of the sanctioned amount, Rs. 517.273 crore has been released and 398.782 crores has been utilised. Sector wise split up given below

The sector wise split up of the outlay of Kuttanad Package

Sl. No



Projects submitted

Sanctioned Amount

Released Amount

Utilised Amount

Rs. In Crores








Agriculture Dept. & Allied Sectors






Agriculture Dept. & KAICO





Onattukara Vikasana Agency





Kerala State Seed Development Authority






Agriculture Dept. & Soil Survey






Agriculture Dept.






State Horticulture Mission






Kerala Agriculture University






Animal Husbandry Dept.






Kerala Livestock Development Board






Fisheries Dept.






Environment & Forest Dept.






Tourism Dept.






Spl Grant(13th FCA )












  • Bifurcated DPR for the modernisation of Thaneermukkom bund (Rs. 255.335 cr) and Thottapally (Rs.13.49 cr) submitted to CWC for sanctioning under FMP scheme. Launch of construction works of the Modernisation of TMB was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 16th September 2014. The Dredging works of Kayalside of TSW is under progress (Department Execution) and an expenditure of 2.28lakhs has been made so far.
  • Physical progress of construction work for regulation of flood water in the Rani-Chitra  is 85.50 % and C&D Block is 66.45% utilizing funds from the Flood Management Program.
  • Construction of AC canal from Manackachira to Onnamkara (Phase I - 11.72km) tendered. Construction work inaugurated on 13/1/2014. Physical progress of 63% has been achieved so far.
  • Outer bund construction for providing infrastructure support to paddy cultivation in the following schemes:
  • KEL-I Mitigation of Flood in 14 Padasekharams in Nedumudi Panchayath: Out of 14 works 8 no’s completed. Physical work progress varies from 37% to 95%.
  • KEL-II, Mitigation of floods in Group 9, 5 Padasekharams D- Thekku, D- Vadakku, E, H and I Block Padasekharams in Kuttanad Region of Kerala and Regulation of floodwater in Kayal area near C& D and Rani - Chithira Blocks Physical progress is 79.60%
  • KEL-III Mitigation of Floods in 231 Padasekharams in Kuttanad Region. 8 works completed, works in 52 padasekharams in progress.
  • Mitigation of Floods in 398 Padsekharams of Kuttanad Taluk - 397 works has been Tendered so far. Those works which are not responded has been retendered. 5 works are ongoing. For 3 works Agreement is executed. DPR is ready for submission to CWC

  • 2296 tons of Paddy seeds were supplied free of cost to 37394  farmers covering 25300 hectares  during 2010-11  and conducted100 farmer’s training for 5,140 farmers.  One seed godown & seed processing plant at Pandalam completed through KSSDA. One seed godown at RSS Mancombu also completed through KAU.
  • 5875  ha in Upper Kuttanad was planted with high yielding coconut seedling utilizing assistance from Coconut Development Board. Cut and removal of 18,750 old and senile palms.
  • 65 temporary grain storage structures being constructed utilizing Rural Infrastructure Development Funds under which 40 structures completed& 25 numbers are under construction.
  • 421.592 ha of fallow land brought under cultivation benefiting 3108 farmers. Input assistance provided for 5268.72 ha benefiting 9230 farmers & Minor infrastructure development for 12 works benefiting 1040 farmers
  • 1199 ha has additionally been brought under paddy cultivation in 2009-10 sanctioned under Food Security Mission.
  • Soil Health Cards have been supplied to 7,500 farmers in Kuttanad residing in 27 Panchayats utilizing State Plan funds
  • 11Agri-clinics established in Kuttanad by Agriculture Department under ATMA scheme( Alappuzha – 7 ,Pattanamthitta-1,Kottayam-3)
  • 100 Power tillers, 150 combined harvesters & 92 tractors purchased by KAICO under the Package. The engineering wing of Agri dept has supplied 328 motors & 170 petty para sets & also purchased machineries for custom hiring units. Total of 20 trainings completed ie,7 batches in Alappuzha,3 in Kottayam,and 7 in Pattanamthitta.
  • Technical know-how and financial assistance provided to farm households in Pathanamthitta (3057 farm households), Alappuzha (367 farm households) & Kottayam (401 farm households) in raising commercial horticultural crops such as banana, pineapple, cocoa, nutmeg, pepper & cut flowers funded through National Horticulture Mission
  • Establishment of seed infrastructure unit at Kozha & Pandalam  & mushroom production unit at KVK, Pathanamthitta completed.
  • A new location specific short duration saline tolerant paddy variety ‘Prathyasa’ has been released for the Kuttanad region by Kerala Agrl. University
  • Research activities of Kerala Agriculture University in their Research Stations at Moncompu, Kumarakom, Thiruvalla and Kayamkulam have been strengthened utilizing funds from RKVY Scheme to improve the yield of paddy, coconut and mixed farming.
  • 2000 high breed cows have been distributed till date to farmers; Female calf subsidy has been provided to  1000 animals ; Artificial insemination provided to 85,240  cows  utilizing funds from the ‘National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding Scheme’. 2648 goat units &287 duck units distributed to farmers  in Kuttanad region
  • 95 lakh fish fingerlings & 2.75 lakh scampi (konchu) seeds have been distributed to 1002farmers in 2353 ha covering 58 padasekharams; 1000  cages have been distributed to 10 societies (SHGs) & 2,04,000  pearl spot seeds stocked  in Kuttanad utilizing funds obtained from the ‘Development of Inland Aquaculture and Fisheries Scheme’. Training programmes completed.
  • As a major effort towards pollution control, eradication of water hyacinth in the Kuttanad Wetland System in association with the local Panchayats is in progress.  So far about 209196 cubic metres of weeds have been removed Thakazhy, Kodamthuruthu, Kuthiathode, Vechoor Arpookara, Neelamperoor, Kavalam and Kumarakom,  and converted to environmentally friendly vermicompost – 748 farmers have been trained in Vermicomposting technology utilizing funds from the RKVY Scheme.166 vermicompost units have been installed.one Biogas plant established at Kodimatha Vegetable Market in Kottayam Municipality.
  • Mangrove forests in Vembanad lake which is a Ramsar site has been rejuvenated through massive effort of planting over 1,00,000 mangrove seedlings utilizing funds from National Wetland Conservation Program
  • The Tourist Facilitation Centre at Nedumudi has been improved utilizing State Plan funds

Achievements under  13th FCA

  • Construction of Orumuttu (bridge cum regulator) at Kottachira across Kariyar completed.
  • Under the project for “Modernization of dilapidated regulators of pattanakad region in Alappuzha” the construction of sluice at pullenchira chathanchira thodu in vayalar panchyat  & Reconstruction, renovation and maintenance of pennady regulatorin Ezhupunna Panchayat completed.
  • Integrated pest management and soil nutrient management project implemented. 28 Trainings conducted. Supplied biocontrol agents at 11372 ha, 175 power sprayers and 22 micronised sprayers supplied, & 1183 nos safety equipments while spraying supplied. Established fully equipped mobile pest surveillance unit at Alappuzha. 3650 nos of demonstrations & 18199 ha of soil ameliorants application achieved under INM in Alappuzha, Kottayam and Pathanamthitta districts.
  • Under special one-time assistance for initiating cultivation in fallow land 833.04 ha area achieved.
  • Under mitigation of agrarian distress in Kuttanad regions through eco-restoration project 101 ponds renovated in Alappuzha, Kottayam and Pathanamthitta districts, 2092 nos of well curbing done at Alappuzha, Kottayam and Pathanamthitta districts, parapets constructed for 270 wells in Pathanamthitta district, 14003 nos of fruit & medicinal plants supplied in Kottayam district. Planted 37604 Rm Vettiver seedlings along bunds.
  • 52 RO plants installed under supply of drinking water of which 23 plants are operating. 8 plants installation work progressing.
  • Stengthening Research progressing in RARS Kumarakom, RRS Moncompu, ARS Thiruvalla, ORARS Kayamkulam & RRS Vytilla under Kerala Agricultural University
  • Under Pen culture 300 pen units were installed and are in partial harvest stage. Achieved 6131 ha of fish/prawn culture in rotation with paddy cultivation. 90 units for the conservation of indigenous fishes installed. Under cluster based cage culture 240 cages installion and stocking completed. The construction work of indoor race way hatchery and rearing tanks and office block completed by KSCADC & pearl spot seed production started. 25523 nos of Etroplus seeds were produced. Pearl spot seed production training programme conducted. 
  • 28.40 lakh seeds (Rohu, Mrigal & Carp) stocked in 10 sites at Rani-Chithira and neighbouring Kayals.
  • Under the project Biodiversity conservation in Vembanad wetland system by Forest Dept. 28 lakhs agroforestry seedlings, mangrove seedlings and vetiver grass planted. 827 nos sacred groves concerved.   229 facilitation structures & hide outs for birds created.                                                              
  • 11 awareness classes and study tours conducted and 25 message boards displayed. 2 R/O Plants installed.
  • Insurance cover has been provided for duck rearing. Sanction given to KITCO for construction of a Duck Hatchery and Brooder Unit at Manjady & Setting up Central Duck Training Institute at Manjady.
  • Under the project comprehensive and sustainable Animal Husbandry practices for Kuttanad 500 buffaloes supplied to increase milk yield, Assistance for Azolla cultivation to 500 beneficiaries, subsidised concentrate feed & mineral mixture supplied to 4703 cows. 1000 Units for converting bio waste to manure completed. Treated 1.25 lakh cases to control amphistomiasis.
  • Construction of Silo storage system in modern rice mill of Oil Palm India Ltd at Vechoor Kottayam is progressing.
  • Proposal for completing the clean water transmission main of the Kuttanad Water Supply Augmentation scheme for Rs. 70 crores is progressing.
  • Construction of godown at Purakkad Village of Alappuzha by the Central Warehousing Corporation is also progressing.